Servicing & Underwriting

Resolute provides special servicing to both real estate and loan portfolio assets for special situations investors and financial sponsors. We approach special servicing with a “bottom up” loan and collateral analysis to produce detailed business plans. Resolute’s NPL life-cycle management promotes the movement of NPLs towards resolution in a structured, time sensitive manner in a 5-step process: (i) portfolio transfer, (ii) strategy formulation, (iii) borrower engagement, (iv) execution, (v) resolution. Proprietary software, promoting efficiency through process automation and strategy prioritisation, supports the operations.


Resolute provides a range of buy-side underwriting support for financial sponsors investing in real estate secured NPL/ REO portfolios, from the initial phase of underwriting and bid structuring through to the execution of asset and loan recovery strategies. Our experience working with both the buy- and sell-side ensures efficient transaction execution and an outcome that optimises pricing and de-risking for our clients.

Asset Management

Resolute provides ongoing real estate asset management for a range of Institutional investors and family offices. We specialise in the design and implementation of intensive value creation plans for real estate portfolios and standalone assets that require innovative asset solutions with effective, measurable results. Our main area of expertise is managing assets or portfolios of assets that have high added value potential. We manage each asset as if it were our own, taking full responsibility for all aspects of value creation and delivering results for our clients. Our approach is centred around (i) initial assessment of the asset/ portfolio, (ii) business plan development and implementation, (iii) exit strategy and monetisation.

Real Estate Management

Resolute develops and implements liquidity creation strategies for individual real estate assets or the real estate portfolios of investors and financial sponsors. Our expertise includes granular assets and illiquid markets.


We assist clients through implementing a rigorous process from asset preparation through to pricing, sales channel management and closing. Resolute’s intensive approach is anchored in the local real estate expertise in our markets, from physical reviews of assets through to establishing comparable market data. Through the use of our proprietary market intelligence tools, we capture large data sets and transform them into meaningful data points, particularly in the illiquid or non-transparent markets in which we often operate. Rigorous discipline and deep local market knowledge are the key to the effectiveness of Resolute’s real estate management and monetisation results.

Technology Solutions

Resolute’s proprietary analytics and technology platforms enable the underwriting and end-to-end management of real estate assets and investment portfolios. Our technology solutions cover all aspects from market and asset intelligence and analytics, to the management and monetisation of real estate assets and portfolios.


Our Real Estate Analytics & Management System is designed for the management of large granular asset portfolios and/or individual assets. Features can be fully customised to client’s needs, with the ability to bring together a range of granular data on an asset by asset basis. Financial sponsor clients benefit also from our Loan Analytics & Management System designed to map the complete NPL lifecycle from the on-boarding of a loan until its resolution.