Our Technology

Our suite of solutions use unmatched AI technology to transform the real estate lifecycle.

Underpinning Resolute’s services are a suite of proprietary AI and automation technology solutions which help us meet our client’s real estate and investment objectives.

Our full suite of solutions are employed by Resolute’s team on client projects as part of each client engagement, allowing us to offer insight analysis and innovative solutions which are tailored to each client’s specific circumstances and needs.

Market leading technology

Through our Proptech AI and software automation business, Recognyte, we offer our software to clients and third-parties such that they can be deployed as standalone solutions.

Visit the Recognyte website for more information

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DataScout ensures each asset can be properly identified, understood, analysed and assessed – no matter how large your portfolio.

ActiveEstate allows you to consolidate real-time data in relation to the day-to-day management of real estate assets.


AssetDynamics supports intensive operational management of single large commercial assets, including reporting & forecasting.

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